Josef K - Adoration (live 16.8.81) download



There are people who always say.
They cherish life in a special way
Just like you, I've got to stay,
they chrerrish life in a special way

I knew a girl who would pray all day
Now she would kneel while he would say
why adore something you can't see
stay down here and talk to me

Rest of you, they thought they'd found
special idol to adore
and they lost the trek of time
just to watch him more and more

Let's stay together and build a home
there'll be a room we can be alone
and in a year maybe there will be
a higher life for you and me.

Everyone are searching for
special idol to adore
and in the time it takes to win
adoration comes within
see them turn a dozen times
near it end of country side
the patience is a highest virtue
waiting here is what we all do.

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