"I Get a Kick Out of You" - Cole Porter download


"I Get a Kick Out of You" originally featured in Anything Goes 1934.
In the first movie version of Anything Goes 1936, Porter used alternate lyrics in the second verse to avoid reference to the drug cocaine, which was against the 'Hayes Code' .
He altered the first line to:
Some like the perfume in Spain
Another version is:
Some like the bop-type refrain: Sinatra recorded both versions: the first in 1953 and the second in 1962. Other Porter-approved substitutes include "whiff of Guerlain."
You can't hear the words on my version obviously, but here's a tip for budding jazz players. If you know the lyrics to a tune, it helps when you want to learn and perfect the melody. It is also a great help with timing and phrasing. It goes without saying... so I won't! Yes I will... If you sing, in your mind, what you want to play as an improvisation, it helps you invent original lines. I can't explain how. It just does. An example is George Benson. You can hear him singing his lines; it's part of his act; and what an act. Now, that should be good enough for anyone!
Enjoy my sample of Cole Porter.
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