AC/DC She's Got Balls Live Aug. 22nd 1977 (2019 Remix/Remaster) download


Happy new year everybody! Sorry for the inactivity in the recent months, been very busy with friends and college. I'm planning on doing a Q'n'A for reaching 500 subs I know we're at 681 right now but hey, better late than anything and I should have a video where you can ask me any question up soon. Until then, have this remixed recording of ACDC performing She's Got Balls on August 22nd 1977 in Cleveland. This might be the first time ever this recording appeared on youtube in the corrected pitch! Also, this is the highest sound quality I could render off of the bootleg copy I own, if you ever get hold of the FLAC files of this very bootleg, please do send it over! My e-mail: [email protected]

Thanks for listening!