AC/DC She's Got Balls LIVE: At The Agora Ballroom August 22, 1977 HD download


Perfect Sound Board Recording From The Agora Ballroom, Cleveland Ohio 1977!

Sourced from the master analog tape,for the highest quality possible.

1. IntroductionLive Wire
2. She's Got Balls
3. Problem Child
4. The Jack
5. High Voltage
6. Baby Please Don't Go
7. Rocker
Overall, this show sounds incredible, the only negative thing I have to say about it is the radio announcerDJ gets annoying and sort of takes the "concert" vibe out of the gig,but none the less,

This show is a must for all ACDC bootleg fans,a true A+, and it sounds perfect!

No equalization or sound manipulation has been done to this recording by myself, once again I have just uploaded the recording as is.
Thanks for ACDCLIVE11, he hooked me up again with this particular version, which sounds a lot better than any I've had previously.
Enjoy the show guys,