1935 HITS ARCHIVE: I Get A Kick Out Of You - Paul Whiteman (Ramona Davies, vocal) download


One of the enduring popular standards from the score of Cole Porter's musical hit "Anything Goes," which starred Ethel Merman and ran for 420 performances on Broadway. The Leo Reisman version vocal by Sally Singer is also posted to this channel.

Disc courtesy of The Rick Colom Collection. Transfer and digital restoration by Bob Moke from the original 78rpm: Victor 24769 - I Get A Kick Out Of You Porter by Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra, vocal by Ramona. Recorded October 26, 1934.

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THE 1935 HITS ARCHIVE - a collection of commercial recordings and songs that proved popular during the calendar year 1935 some were recorded in 1934 via sales, jukebox play, or radio exposure…plus some others that have gained increased recognition or have been shown to have had an impact during the decades that followed.

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