04. Misty Mountain Hop - Led Zeppelin live at Oxford (7/1/1973) download


Well, I would like to start off this upload by apologizing for the incredible time space between my uploads, it's just quite harder to upload a Zepp show, dividing all into separate videos, that uploading a full show That's what I've been doing with other bands, such as Stones and Yes, besides my schedule was quite full, but now it's almost empty, and I'll try my best to upload a Zepp show everytime I can!
This particular show, Oxford, is one of my pending uploads ever since I started this channel! It was supposed to be my second upload and after uploading the first two acts I gave up, since I hadn't finish it. Well, I've only finished it now! Hahaha
As a standart for the 1973 tour, Percy's voice is in a hateable shape, still recovering from that AWFUL, SON A BITCH flú he first had on that infamous show, Sheffield, the first of the tour I had it uploaded on my other channel, it was a funny upload Hahaha, so, his voice is pretty much a flop, with MANY vocal cracks, leaving the spotlight to the instrumental, which, dude, rocks, it blows you mind, especially Bonzo, whose drums are louder on the mix, so, yeah, keep it low if you don't want to get a headache hahaha
Moving on to the songs!: The usual intro, the song we can't get enough of, Rock $ Roll! It's surprisingly well sung, considering the last songs we listened to on Sheffield! Compared to Sheffield, this show is fantastic! Hahaha But, as we know, Zeppelin traditionally refused to make even a minor change on the setlist if Percy was in bad shape, so Over the Hills and Far Away not only is performed as it totally blows, vocally though, Bonzo is grooving out with Jimmy on this one!
Both the performances of Misty Mountain Hop and Since I've Been Loving are vocally a ''drag'', as Percy himself says, but both too are Jonesy's shining moment, as he can't be heard when on bass
Dancing Days, Percy, recalling the school days, delivers one of his highlights of the night, as he doesn't do all bad on vocals, plus, Jimmy's guitar work is flawless! With Bonzo's frenetic drums this one of my favourite deliverances of this song live!
Despite being the only acoustic performance, Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp is well played, with great backing vocals by Bonzo and a great response by the crowd
The Song Remains the Same in instrumentally flawless, even though the vocals are a bit shaky, but nothing serious, but as for The Rain Song, it would have been much more beautiful without any vocals!
There have been, and there would be, many better performances of Dazed And Confused and Cut, only three minutes long Whole Lotta Love as Percy doesn't sing very well, but, despite low notes, the Stairway to Heaven performance is very decent, with great drumming by Mr. John Bonham!