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To love, laughter and HAPPILY EVER AFTER

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How can we help to
make your wedding Perfect ?

Decor management

While we lead the conversation throughout, we assist you in selecting the right decorator to turn all of your visions into reality that is both personalised and beautiful!


Food and Beverages

Let your palate explore the world, or take solace in some of your local favorites. We assist you in creating the menu of your desires. We'll locate the ideal caterer and bartender service for you, and we guarantee that everything will go as smoothly as the tequila you select. Additional motivation: We are genuine foodies ourselves!



We give you with the entire spectrum, from illustrious names to hidden gems! So, whether you need a top DJ for a party that lasts all night, live music to serenade your guests, or an emcee to keep you laughing all night, we've got you covered. Your wedding will be a lot of joy. That's your style of entertainment. We assist you in selecting entertainment acts from all around the world, whether they are global or local.


Ancillary Services

We've collaborated with some of the top photographers, videographers, choreographers, stylists, and makeup artists in the business. We'll connect you with them and organize everything for each event.


Destination Management

We'll assist you in locating locations that reflect your style and realize your ideas. Please direct us to it, whether it is nearby or not. Get a drink then, and let's talk to them. Just showing up is all that is required.


Hospitality Management

You may put off guest lists, hotel reservations, and anything else your guests might require since we'll remember them for you. To keep them informed and involved, we'll even create and send them RSVPs, reminders, and any other information required.



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