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Wedding Dresses, Photos and More! -(Page 2 )

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Other News

How to Get the Perfect Top Knot

Finally… that messy bun has an official name: the top knot! I (Emma here!) have been swearing by this no-fuss hairstyle for years (albeit, mine a bit messier) and now I know: a) what to call it, and b) how to get the perfect top knot. This hairstyle has been popping up everywhere lately – even weddings – and we thought it was high time to share it with you on the blog. If you’re having a bad hair day, the top knot will become your favorite hair cheat-sheet style. Need more volume? A top knot essentially pumps up the volume of a traditional messy bun. Or, if you simply want a new hairstyle to try this weekend, try the top knot. Today, we’re showing you how to get the perfect top knot with some of our favorite hair inspiration images + DIY tutorials. We love this hairstyle because it is super easy, stylish, and cures a bad hair day in a cinch. Read on to find out more + find out how to style yours with… a sock? Don’t miss it!

how to get the perfect top knot

7 Secret Spray Tanning Tips for the Bride

Want to spray tan for your wedding without looking like a carrot down the aisle? I (Emma here!) have never tried spray tanning, and I’ll admit my number one fear is looking orange. However, when done properly with these spray tanning tips you can prevent the orange and achieve that bronze, sun-kissed look you crave without the harmful effects of the sun. For the very best airbrush tan secrets, we’ve pulled in an expert: Kelly of Brush Body Bronzing (based in Pennsylvania) has tons of spray tanning experience with brides before the big day and she’s divulging seven spray tanning tips + trade secrets exclusively for our readers! Scroll down to find out more…

spray tanning tips

Honeymoon Hair + Beauty DIY

DIY-honeymoon-hair and makeup

After the wedding, it’s time for the honeymoon! And whether you are planning a relaxing beach escape or traveling to Europe to see the sights, you’ll want to look super cute, right? Well, today I’m sharing a super easy (and cute!) daytime to evening look for your honeymoon. Thanks SO much to one of my favorite beauty gals, Nyrie at Symmetry Beauty for sharing her expert tips. I’ve worked with Nyrie on quite a few projects (spanish bridal fashion and this southern styled wedding shoot to name a few) and she is super awesome at what she does. Nyrie worked with the lovely Ala to capture all the steps for these DIYs. I hope they are helpful and would love to hear if you’d like to see more of these!

DIY for honeymoon beauty


Step 1 On clean skin after sunscreen application apply a tinted moisturizer all over, using your fingers or a sponge applicator. I used Jouer luminizing moisture tint in Golden.


Step 2 Use a brush or your finger to conceal under your eyes and spot conceal any blemishes that were not covered fully by the tinted moisturizer. I used Jouer perfector in # 3


Step 3 Brush and fill in eyebrows where needed with a pencil, I used Jouer brow definer in blond.


Step 4 Apply bronzer with a big brush, use a light hand and apply to the top of forehead and cheeks, anywhere the sun would naturally bronze you. I used Nars laguna


Step 5 Apply a pink or peach blush to the apples of the cheeks. I used Nars orgasm


Step 6 Use a light camel or beige eyeshadow on the lower lid up to the crease, but not beyond. I like a crème shadow for this look because I love the way that they melt into the skin and are fast and easy to use. I used Laura Mercier rum satin.


Step 7 Use a skin tone eye pencil on the inside of our bottom lash line, or also known as the water line. This will freshen and brighten your eyes immediately. Make sure that your pencil is just slightly lighter then your skin tone for the most natural looking application. I used Jouer eye clarifier


Step 8 Curl lashes if needed and apply your favorite waterproof mascara.


Step 9 Apply lipgloss in a sheer yet bright color. I used Mac spf lip conditioner in petting pink

Next, let’s do the hair!


Step 1 Start with clean air-dried or blow dried hair, may be dry of slightly damp. Comb or brush through any tangles.


Step 2 Part hair slightly to one side using your fingers or the back of a comb.


Step 3 Spray sea salt spray generously to hair. I used Aquage sea salt spray


Step 4 Pull hair to the opposite side of your part and gather into a low loose pony, secure with a clear elastic hair band.


Step 5 Braid the hair loosely.


Step 6 Secure the bottom of braid with a clear elastic band.


Step 7 gently pull the braid apart to loosen it up. And you are ready for some sight-seeing with your new hubs!


DIY for evening hair for honeymoon

Now, let’s take your daytime look and turn it into an easy + gorgeous nighttime look. Perfect for a romantic dinner!


*Remember if you are just starting with the evening look you will need to also do steps 2, 3, 4, 5 and 8 from the daytime look.

Step 1 Refresh your skin with a light water mist.


Step 2 Apply a liquid foundation with a slightly damp sponge. I used Makeup Forever HD foundation in #40


Step 3 Use a creamy blendable eyeliner pencil in a dark color on your top lash line. The line should be a little thick and does not need to be a perfect line since we will be blending it. I used Bobbi Brown duel ended liner in jet


Step 4 Use a dark pencil inside the bottom lash line or water line. I used Bobbi Brown duel ended liner in chocolate


Step 5 + 6 Use a crème smudge stick in a dark color all over top lid up to crease in a patting motion. Then use a clean eyeshadow brush to blend the shadow and also blend the liner from step 3 to create a smokey effect. I used Laura Mercier caviar stick eye color in cocoa



Step 7 Apply a neutral shade of lipstick or lipgloss. I used Laura Mercier lip glace in bare blush


Step 8 Use a lightweight mineral powder in t-zone, or anywhere that you may feel shiny. I used Jouer mineral face powder in perle natural


Step 9 lightly tap a crème highlighter on cheekbones. I used Jouer highlighter in champagne

*If needed touch up blush and bronzer from daytime steps 3 4

Now, let’s work on the hair!


Step 1 Remove both elastic bands and take out braid.


Step 2 loosen up hair with fingers. Your hair may be perfect just like this and you may be ready to go!  If you want more curls continue to step 3.


Step 3 Pin top half of your hair on top of your head, to keep out of the way.


Step 4 loosely take one inch sections of hair and wrap around a one inch barrel curling iron leaving the ends of hair out of the clamp. You can also use a curling wand, with no clamp. Repeat this step until the bottom half of hair is curled.


Step 5 Put down top section of hair and repeat step 4 until finished with hair,

Shake out hair and spray with light hair spay or shine spray if needed. Gorgeous, right? Happy honeymooning!

DIY for evening hair for honeymoon

DIY for evening hair for honeymoon

Thanks so much to Nyrie of Symmetry Beauty for all the steps and to Ala of Love Ala for the photos. Created exclusively for Green Wedding Shoes.

Symmetry Beauty and Love Ala are both featured vendors of Green Wedding Shoes. Check out their vendor profiles to see more of their work or discover other GWS recommended vendors for your wedding day in our Vendor Guide.


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I Heart This

A European Honeymoon: Florence + Tuscany


We spent some time in Italy for our honeymoon and fell in love, I guess who doesn’t?! So, we knew we wanted to go back but wanted to see some new areas. For our honeymoon we visited Cinque Terre (our most fave Italian towns), Venice, Rome, Milan and Lake Como. Since we didn’t get to Tuscany the first time, that was a must see for this trip (and if you missed the rest of our European trip, you can also read about our stops to Paris, Belgium and Berlin). We decided to stay in Florence as our base city for the 5 days and then do day trips to some of the smaller Tuscan towns. This worked out great for us, but something to keep in mind is that Florence is a very touristy town and crowded! If I was planning a trip back or making suggestions for your trip, I’d recommend staying in Florence for a few nights, then also staying in one of the smaller Tuscan towns – the best of both! :)

Our first day in Florence rained, but luckily Katie (from Ever After Honeymoons) raved about this wine + cheese bar (Il Santino) near our hotel, so we decided to stop in and give it a try. By US standards, this place was tiny (we almost missed it!) but offered really great cheeses + wines for not a lot of money. Totally recommend it. After a few hours, the rain stopped and we decided to explore a bit. On our map, we saw the landmark Piazzale Michelangelo, which promised great views of the city, so we walked up + up a giant hill (it is quite a hike!) but TOTALLY worth it. The most amazing views of Florence. We went at sunset and it was stunning. I was so bummed I didn’t have my good camera, but it is breathtaking.

florence Piazzale Michelangelo


We loved walking around Florence – but since the streets were so crowded, we decided to take a day trip to the smaller town of Siena. I heard great things about the town and was super excited to check it out for myself. There’s a bus that can take you there direct from Florence (it’s a 1 hour trip) and so worth it!


When we arrived in Siena, we had no idea where to go, but that’s also what made it so fun. We just started walking and then quickly began smelling the most amazing food. We stopped at this tiny restaurant for lunch, Osteria la Piana, and it was one of our fave meals of the trip. Pappardelle with wild boar meat (a Tuscan specialty), gnocchi and red wine –so tasty we had a bit more than we originally planned on having, but we were on vacation :). Delicious. After lunch we walked around the town and soon found the town center. Such a great town center that is was declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site, a must see! (photo above from this site) We took a nap in the sun and just people watched for a while. Then, after a yummy cappuccino, we walked around the town to soak up more of the amazing views of Tuscany – so gorgeous and a perfect day…

Siena food

And if you love the idea of getting married in Siena – or anywhere in Tuscany – look up Erin from Tuscany Destination! She helps couples who aren’t from Tuscany with their wedding plans for the area. :)

tuscan views

Thanks again to Katie at Ever After Honeymoons for the help with our lodging! The first three nights we stayed at the Hotel Gallery Art. It was right near the famous Ponte Vecchio – so it was nice and central. Awesome modern design + loved the art that was displayed in the hotel. It was fun staying at such a modern hotel in such an historic city.  A great breakfast was also included in the rate.

hotel gallery art florence

They had a rad bar and restaurant there also – highly recommend both. We usually ended the night with a drink at the bar where they had the most unusual drinks (see below!). The restaurant is great too, since it is more asian influnced and a nice break from all the Italian food (I know I didn’t think I would need a break, but we did love to mix it up a bit!).

hotel gallery art florence cocktails

The last two nights we moved away from the center of Florence to the Four Seasons Florence. The Four Seasons is a bit outside the main area of Florence, which provides a nice break from the crowds – it is actually an old palace! Our room was pretty amazing, as were the grounds and the rest of the hotel. We also spoke with the wedding planners there and learned that it’s a popular spot for weddings. Super fun to hear that they share the GWS love of making your wedding day personal as they cater each wedding to the couple – no wedding packages here!  The planners told us a bit about a wedding they were in the middle of planning and it included training birds to fly in and out of the ceremony, it sounded pretty incredible. If you’re planning a wedding in Florence and have even the most extravagant requests, I’m sure this is the place that can deliver.

four seasons florence

four seasons florence

One of our favorite meals of the trip was at Il Santo Bevitore. They had the most delicious burrata, pasta and steak tartare. It’s owned by the same people as the cheese + wine shop we stopped at a few days before (we actually wanted to go here for dinner that night but they were booked, so recommend a reservation – totally worth it!) Something to also keep in mind when traveling in Italy – most of the best restaurants aren’t in the middle of the tourist areas, so venture away from all the tourists to where the locals ear. Also, don’t go anywhere with tourist menus that have photos (that is a big no for me anywhere, but espcially when travling in Europe).

burrata from florence

We also took a day trip to Lucca, which is a walled in city about 2 hours from Florence. We found some great pizza there and had a lovely walk around the city. Another tip to rememeber – we were there on a Sunday and they really do close down most shops and restaurants for the afternoon – something to keep in mind! It was a bit chilly that day, but lots of people were riding bikes around the walls of the town which looked super fun.



All in all we loved our time in Florence + Tuscany! Can’t wait to go back and explore more of the smaller towns around the area. Is anyone planning a trip to Tuscany for their honeymoon? Or have you been and have a tip to leave? Would love to hear in the coments. :)

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How to Romance Your Fiancée

romance fiance dinner

Whether you are in the dog house or just genuinely want to show your fiancée how much she means to you, make sure that you bring the romance back into your relationship to show her how much you care about her. Plenty of people complain about romance being over-rated, but it often makes the difference between having a satisfied fiancée and one that is thrilled, so be sure to consider surprising her with one (or more!) of the following tips. (more…)

The Best of the Web for Grooms – April 21, 2012

wedding songs to dance to

Working on your wedding reception playlist? The Huffington Post has 12 songs that are guaranteed to get your guests on the dance floor in a hurry.

Hitched Media has put together a list of the 25 marriage experts you need to follow on Twitter. Once you get back from the honymoon, we recommend checking them out. (more…)

Wedding Song: Hey Pretty Girl

wedding song

This afternoon we are talking wedding music. So important right!? I mean it’s the soundtrack for the most important day of your life. :) Well as soon as I heard the song Hey Pretty Girl from Nashville singer-songwriter Kip Moore I totally fell in love. And so perfect for your wedding! If you love a singer with a raw voice that is a great storyteller, like that of a younger Bruce Springsteen, I think you’ll love Kip too. Check out Hey Pretty Girl (off his debut album, Up All Night, which came out this week) below: (more…)

Minted Wedding Invitations + Giveaway

Some of my favorite unique wedding invitations can be found at Minted. I love that they work with some of the most talented designers around to create their designs – and they have so many great options to choose from whether your wedding style is modern, vintage, rustic or inspired by your heritage! A few months ago I judged a contest for them and picked some of my favorite designs from their unique cultural wedding invitations (which was tough as they had so many great options!). Below are my favorites (with quotes from myself) and mini inspiration boards put together by the lovely team at Minted. Love how these show that an invite really can inspire an entire wedding look! :)


Vintage Airstream Honeymoon

airstream honeymoon

If you are looking for a unique + fun honeymoon idea (and you love to camp!), how about renting an Airstream and spending lots of time outdoors with your sweetie! For this fun honeymoon inspiration today, the Airstream is parked on the banks of the Historic Cedarwood Mooncake Lake, Tennessee, with a setting full of utterly rustic romance. Tons of candlelit lanterns, bon fire, blankets and a full moon keep hearts on fire in the late fall nature preserve. Playful games, camp cooking and rowing on the lake by moonlight equal honeymoon magic for this nature inspired newlywed getaway! Thanks to Lauren Ledbetter of the Cedarwood Design Team for the concept + styling and to the lovely duo at Ulmer Studios for the photos. (more…)

Traveler’s Joy Honeymoon Registry

I’m a huge fan of online honeymoon registries and one of my favorites is Traveler’s Joy. Besides getting married, the one thing Jason and I were most excited about was our honeymoon! Who wouldn’t be excited about your first trip together as a married couple, right!? :) Traveler’s Joy makes it easy to set up an account and share your honeymoon plans with all your guests. You can register for anything you’d like and the the design is clean + simple. A win-win in my book! I also love reading through their real member stories where you can read where other couple’s traveled – super fun. The only question that remains is where will you pick for your honeymoon?! :) (more…)

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