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Wedding Dresses, Photos and More!

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Other News

Mason Jar Wedding Favors

Looking for Mason Jar of Moonshine Wedding Favors? Have a look at our collection of videos and pictures of Mason Jar of Moonshine Wedding Favors and get inspired. You might also consider custom mason jars for your wedding decorations or favors.

Mason Jar of Moonshine Wedding Favors

Mason Jar of Moonshine Wedding Favors

ole smoky moonshine has an awesome mason jar add on the pourer image by liqurious.notcot.org

tennessee moonshine in a mason jar whiskey disks blog image by blog.whiskeydisks.com

mason jar of u0026quotmoonshineu0026quot sits on a fencepost backlit by the sun in image by www.shullphoto.com

mason jar love for the jar obsessed image by www.masonjarlove.com

moonshine mason jarjpg image by www.sourpussclothing.com

half gallon mason beer stein toss back some moonshine image by www.gadgetsandgear.com

Vintage Wedding Dresses

See our top 3 vintage wedding dresses for each decade, starting with the 1920s and moving through to the 1970s.

1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses
1920s Vintage Wedding Dresses tend to be beige or white with draping material in silk or lace. Match with a Vintage Head Band for the complete look.

1930s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1930s Vintage Wedding Dresses
1930s Vintage Wedding Dresses are still made of silk, satin or lace, but are less draping and are instead more fitting. Combine with a Beautiful Wedding Veil for the perfect outfit.

1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses
1940s Vintage Wedding Dresses are often made of silk with draped neckline or low back. Hold a Vintage Bouquet for perfect photos.

1950s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1950s Vintage Wedding Dresses
By the 1950s, Strapless Vintage Wedding Dresses were becoming popular. With some lovely Vintage Wedding Shoes you will be looking simply elegant.

1960s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1960s Vintage Wedding Dresses
1960s Vintage Wedding Dresses were often sleeveless, tight-fitting and made in smooth material. Consider a Vintage Wedding Purse to match these dresses.

1970s Vintage Wedding Dresses

1970s Vintage Wedding Dresses
1970s Vintage Wedding Dresses are the last of the vintage era. Made with similar materials to their earlier counterparts, and often spaghetti straps, these dresses show off your Vintage Wedding Jewelry perfectly.

Hidden “Something Blue”

Posted April 28, 2012 by EmmalineBride | ♥ Leave a Comment!

As a hidden something blue, consider a white scarf, bridal bolero, or jacket with a monogram (stitched in blue) on the inside. This hidden something blue will tie into the adage of something old, something new – but it’s your little secret.

hidden something blue

photo credit: ginny daniels photography

* * *

Happy Weekend! Be sure to browse our Pinterest boards or join the conversation on Twitter – we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Planning!


5 Skip the Veil Styles

The lovely Regina of Acute Designs, Featured Artisan in The Marketplace, has recently launched a new 2012 Bridal Collection and we love what we see! While Regina offers plenty of veil options for the bride, we are equally enamored with her collection of veil alternatives – or, as we like to call them, ‘skip the veil’ styles. Today, we’re sharing with you five of our hand-picked favorite skip the veil styles from her new collection. Many of these are versatile and can be worn as a sash, halo, or headband. Read on for more…

skip the veil


A European Honeymoon: Berlin


For the next stop on our European adventure (if you missed the others, check out Paris and Belgium), Jason really wanted to go to Berlin to see the street art, experience the music scene and (of course) taste the beer. I’d been hearing some great stuff about the art community, so I was pretty excited to check it out too.

Berlin is just a quick flight from Belgium.  However, we almost missed our flight because our train was moved to another track, but we couldn’t understand the announcement over the loud speaker.  As such, we got on the wrong train and traveled 30 minutes in the wrong direction before a nice couple told us we were headed away from the airport, not toward it….remember to always leave lots of extra time for travel if you don’t speak the language! (more…)

The Best of the Web for Grooms – April 13, 2012

groom spring 2012 wedding attire

Spring is in the air which means it’s time to start planning your wedding day getup. The gang at MyWedding have put together a collection of five awesome groom wedding attire ideas. Additionally, Ruffled Blog has also posted their favorite groom looks for spring. (more…)

Grooms Gone Wild Over Storymix Media

We’re proud to say that last year we were one of the first blogs to introduce the wedding world to Storymix Media and its ultra-cool crowd-sourced wedding video service.  We ran a contest that Kyle Fryman (and his smokin’ hot bride Brittany) were fortunate enough to win.

The personal aspect of Storymix Media gives it a unique touch. Instead of a standard videographer, your wedding footage is captured by your friends and family.  Since last year’s contest, we’re happy to report that many of our readers have used Storymix’s WeddingMix service to capture the fun, goofy, and crazy moments from their wedding.  The fact that couples get to use an online storyboard to decide what goes into the final product means your brother’s embarrassing attempt to hit on a bridesmaid during the toasts won’t get left out. (more…)

A Pinterest Field Guide: Four Steps to Winning at Pinning

Pinterest has hit the big time. It’s gone from an invite only, “I’m-kind-of-confused-what-am-I-supposed-to-do-with-all-these-pictures?” type of experience, to, “Mom-check-my-food-board-for-a-really-yummy-quinoa-recipe” type of bond. Everyone, it seems, that loves beautiful imagery, DIYs, inspiration, fashion, color palettes, entertaining, gardening (ad infinitum) is newly obsessed with the idea of collecting their finds. The internet is often so overwhelming and difficult to wade through, so of course, we love a website that allows us to cut through the fat and get right to the good stuff, especially with the help of our internet huntress friends. Today, we thought we’d put together “A Pinners’ Field Guide: Pin it to Win It” in four easy steps: (more…)

Plan the Perfect Adventure Honeymoon

plan the perfect adventure honeymoon
Adventure honeymoons are becoming increasingly popular with active couples that find romance in more places than beaches and fancy restaurants. For these couples, the connection that comes with facing a challenge together or reflecting on a day filled with exciting new experiences is unmatched. If you and your fiancé prefer a weekend of camping or hiking to a movie marathon, then an adventurous honeymoon is an alternative well worth considering. Here are 4 tips to planning the perfect adventure honeymoon:

1. Strike Your Perfect Balance: The key to planning the perfect adventure honeymoon is to assess what you and your fiancé want to do and experience. Communication is crucial so you both get your needs met without any misunderstandings. What combination of adventure and pampering do you prefer? What mix of activities would you like to do each day? There are a variety of ways to integrate active and relaxing activities into any honeymoon destination. For example, you can go scuba diving and parasailing during the day and enjoy a couple’s massage in the evening. If you’re at a mountain resort, you can go hiking and zip lining during the day and soak in a hot tub or do spa treatments at night.

2. Seek the Road Less Traveled: Once you have your short list of adventure honeymoon destinations in mind, use alternative travel resources to uncover potential activities. Most traditional honeymoon planning magazines and resources are filled with lavish, all-inclusive resorts and package deals. Consider ditching the wedding industry magazines for ones like National Geographic Adventure, Backpacker and Outside Magazine. They are full of trip ideas and generally include suggestions to accommodate wide range of budgets. Other great resources include alternative travel guides like Lonely Planet, Rick Steves’ and Let’s Go.  Consider staying in modestly priced hotels for part of the trip and use the money you save to splurge on lavish accommodations for the remainder. In most cases, avoiding traditional, all-inclusive resorts will allow you to stretch your honeymoon budget even further.

beach honeymoon adventure

3. Get Inspired! Here are 10 of our favorite adventure honeymoon destinations:

• Australia: Dive or snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Take a road trip through the Outback.
• Colorado: Hike, mountain bike or camp in the rugged Rocky Mountains.
• Costa Rica: Go reef diving and deep-sea fishing on the Caribbean side, or visit the Pacific side for world-class beaches and surf.
• Hawaii: Take a helicopter tour over volcanoes national park, hike to hidden waterfalls, and relax on black sand beaches.
• Italy: Bike through Tuscany and enjoy the hill-towns, food, wine, and culture.
• Mexico: Explore the cavernous Cenotes and discover towering Mayan ruins.
• New Zealand: Go bungee jumping, cave rafting or glacier trekking on the south island.
• Peru: Hike the Inca Trail up to the awe-inspiring ruins of Machu Picchu.
• Switzerland: Small, mountain villages in the Swiss Alps are an ideal base camp for skiing, climbing and hiking.
• Tanzania: Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro then rest up at a luxurious safari lodge in the Serengeti.

4. Set-Up Your Honeymoon Registry: A honeymoon registry can make planning the perfect adventure honeymoon so much easier. If you’re like most engaged couples, you don’t need more dinnerware or pots and pans to outfit your home. You probably have most of what you need already, so why register for more stuff when you can register for the honeymoon of your dreams? Honeymoon registries may not be traditional, but neither is a vacation itinerary that includes tandem paragliding! When you set up a honeymoon registry, your wedding guests and loved ones can contribute towards the amazing adventures you’ll have on your honeymoon. Whether you want to learn to scuba dive, ski, or see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, a honeymoon registry lets your guests in on exactly what you would like to do on your honeymoon and make it easy for them to contribute to memories that will last a lifetime!

So, even if you’re having a white-dress, tall-cake, traditional wedding, don’t be afraid to break the mold with a honeymoon adventure!

hiking honeymoon

About the Author: Andrew Marino is the CEO of HoneymoonPixie.com, an industry leader in providing honeymoon gift registries for engaged couples.  Couples create their free honeymoon registry website and receive honeymoon planning advice and travel tips.  Andrew also serves as a contributing Senior Travel Editor.

The comment section is open. Tell us about your ideal adventure honeymoon. Where would you go and what activities would you do?

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How to Romance Your Fiancée

romance fiance dinner

Whether you are in the dog house or just genuinely want to show your fiancée how much she means to you, make sure that you bring the romance back into your relationship to show her how much you care about her. Plenty of people complain about romance being over-rated, but it often makes the difference between having a satisfied fiancée and one that is thrilled, so be sure to consider surprising her with one (or more!) of the following tips.

Romance Her With Food

Most people love to eat and, as they say, the way to a girl’s heart is through her stomach. If your fiancée is a foodie, you cant go wrong with something that is elegant, delicious and attractively plated. Anyone can get their girlfriend chocolate covered strawberries, but remember that presentation is everything. Place the chocolate covered strawberries on a white plate and drizzle them with a thin stream of dark or white chocolate. A little bit goes a long way!

Surprise Her With Comfort

We all have points in the day when we just can’t get comfortable. If you know that she’s going to be walking home from work or school, or when you can see that she is getting cold, offer her something to change her situation. Come pick her up without being asked or bring her a blanket. These little things show you’re thinking about her on a day-to-day basis, and that can make all the difference.

Make Her Something

Too many people don’t realize how talented they are. Think about what you are good at and then use your skills to come up with a gift for your girl. Whether you are woodworker, a game designer, a knitter or a singer, you’ll find that there are things that you can do for her that no one else can. Things like this can make a huge difference to how she feels about you, showcasing your personality and talents as well as making her feel as though you’ve made a real effort. Making your girlfriend something is a great way to keep things personal.

Kidnap Her

No, we don’t mean abduction, we mean sweeping her off her feet and away from it all. Tell your girlfriend to clear her schedule and to trust you. Take her off for an outing to a place that she didn’t expect, whether it is a camping trip, a fun new restaurant or just a walk by the lake. A small (or large!) change of scenery and routine is a fantastic choice to bring back the romance.

The most important thing is that when you want get that spark in your relationship re-ignited, don’t just sit around; be proactive and romance her in ways she’ll never forget!

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